InterSky's first ATR 72-600 is also the first ATR aircraft to fly in the livery of an Austrian airline. A second ATR 72-600 ordered...

Austrian carrier InterSky has taken delivery of its first ATR 72-600 regional airliner, which the airline ordered in September 2012 along with another.

InterSky’s first ATR 72-600 is also the first ATR aircraft to fly in the livery of an Austrian airline.

The new aircraft was welcomed with a delivery ceremony on January 8 at Friedrichshafen Airport, the company’s main operating base, strategically situated in the southernmost part of Germany. The delivery ceremony was witnessed by Friedrichshafen’s District Administrator Lothar Wölfle and the City Mayor Andreas Brand.

Austrian regional airline InterSky took delivery of its first ATR 72-600 on January 8, 2013. The carrier placed an order for two aircraft in 2012


Although headquartered in Bregenz, Austria, InterSky benefits from the proximity of Friedrichshafen Airport to both the Swiss and Austrian borders, allowing the airline to serve many commuters and business travelers from the Alpine regions.

A second ATR 72-600 ordered by InterSky is scheduled for delivery in March. InterSky will use the aircraft to serve routes to key regional destinations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Like other ATR 72-600 turboprops, InterSky’s new ATR regional airliners are equipped with full-glass cockpits. They and feature a single-class layout seating 70 passengers with larger overhead bins.

According to ATR, in addition to the performance advantages and enhanced comfort the ATR 72-600s will offer InterSky and its passengers, the aircraft will improve the airline’s operational flexibility.

The two new ATR 72-600s will almost double the seat capacity of InterSky’s fleet, which currently consists of three 50-seat Bombardier Q300 turboprops.

“We are very much looking forward to the first 70-seater in our fleet. The fact that it is an ATR makes us very proud as InterSky is the first ATR operator in Austria,” said Peter Oncken, managing director of InterSky.

“We are pleased to celebrate this important moment with InterSky,” said Filippo Bagnato, chief executive officer of ATR. “The arrival of the new ATR 72-600 will also provide InterSky the ability to further expand its regional network, adding new routes and frequencies.”