Aircraft orders: Air Canada signs firm for 18 Boeing 787-10s

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Air Canada firmly orders 18 Boeing 787-10s plus 12 options. The company already has 8 Boeing 787-8 and 30 Boeing 787-9 in its fleet. This is what we call family spirit.

The entire Boeing 787 family at Air Canada

Air Canada has just placed a firm order for 18 Boeing 787-10s, plus 12 options. The Boeing 787 family will therefore be complete in the fleet since the airline already has 8 Boeing 787-8s and 30 Boeing 787-9s. A choice which will have positive consequences for the Canadian aerospace industrial sector which plays a significant role in the Boeing group’s supplier chain, with no less than 550 companies involved, all sectors combined.

The map of flexibility in terms of supply in the face of changes in demand

By playing on the family effect, Air Canada can adapt its seat offering to changes in demand. The Boeing 787-8s are designed for a total of 255 passengers divided into three classes while the 787-9s take 298 passengers, still in three classes. The Boeing 787-10 can accommodate 336 passengers over 11,700 km.

272 Boeing 787 sales in 12 months

Between October 2022 and this order from Air Canada, Boeing will have recorded no fewer than 272 firm sales of Boeing 787s in 12 months, notably driven by United Airlines (100), Saudia Airlines (39) and Riyadh Air (39). ).

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