Airbus merges its combat aircraft activities to strengthen its Defense and Space division

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Airbus is merging its combat aircraft activities to strengthen its Defense and Space Division as part of a broader reorganization called ATOM.

Airbus announces major strategic merger

Airbus is set to announce a major strategic initiative to merge its combat aircraft activities within its Defense and Space division. According to union sources, this merger will consolidate the Military Air Systems activity since Airbus’ share in the Eurofighter program and the activity in charge of the Franco-German-Spanish SCAF/FCAS project will be grouped together.

A reorganization called ATOM

This regrouping is part of a broader restructuring of the Defense and Space division, which bears the name ATOM and on which the president of Airbus Defense and Space, Michael Schoellhorn, worked. Objective: to tighten its organization chart around three major divisions in order to give more autonomy and improve the competitiveness of the manufacturer’s offers. An Airbus spokesperson indicated that the details of this merger of combat aircraft activities were currently being discussed with social partners. “This transformation will lead to organizational adjustments, placing particular emphasis on governance, processes and working methods.”

The portfolio of the Military Air Systems activity

The Military Air Systems activity, led by Jean-Brice Dumont, also includes the A400M and C295 transport aircraft, the MRTT in-flight refueling program, as well as drones, including the Eurodrone. In addition, Airbus is collaborating with Dassault Aviation on the FCAS/SCAF project, for which an agreement to develop a demonstrator was concluded last December, under the responsibility of Bruno Fichefeux.

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