Airbus: growth forecasts for the aviation market in Africa

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L’African aviation has several growth opportunities and the world’s largest aeronautical industries know it, according to Airbus believes that the continent will need 1,180 new planes by 2042, including 295 wide-body aircraft and 885 single-aisle aircraft.

The African aviation sector is expected to experience considerable growth over the next two decades, with some regions growing faster than others. Intra-African traffic will continue to increase as more routes open, and to support this, the continent’s carriers will need more aircraft. Additionally, African carriers are expected to upgrade to next-generation aircraft, such as the A220family A320neo, the A330neo And the A350, models that will result in greater efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. The information was shared by Joel Ellers, Airbus Marketing Director for Africa, at the 7th Aviation Africa Summit, which took place last week. The figures reported by Airbus for the continent were around 10% higher than those revealed by the study of its biggest rival, Boeing, Few days ago. The American aircraft manufacturer predicted that Africa would need a little more than 1,000 planes.

Growth is driven by several factors such as economic development, population growth and urbanization. Additionally, Joel Ellers commented on recent capability improvements MRO (maintenance) in the region to generate more income, reduce maintenance costs maintenance planes and offer even more employment and development opportunities. Increasing the region’s fleet will also require 17,000 technicians, 14,000 pilots And 23,000 members crew of cabin to ensure operation over the next two decades.

Africa currently has 265 Airbus planes in operation with 36 airlines, including Air Côte d’Ivoire, Air Tanzania, Air Senegal, Egyptair, Ethiopian Airlines, RwandAir and Uganda Airlines. Other African carriers have placed significant orders for new Airbus aircraft as part of their fleet development plans. Home to over 22 foreign carriers and over 11 active domestic airlines, the Nigeria has one of the strongest aviation sectors in Africa. It is expected to continue growing over the next 20 years and Airbus predicts that Nigerian airlines will need almost 160 passenger and cargo aircraft by 2042. About 131 single-aisle and 28 wide-body aircraft will be delivered to the Nigerian carriers during this period.

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