Airbus appoints Christian Scherer as new CEO

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Airbus confirmed on Tuesday the appointment of the sales director Christian Scherer in place of CEO of its main activity of aircraft constructiona decision that comes as the European aircraft manufacturer accelerates aircraft production.

“Since 2019, the leadership roles of Airbus and its Commercial Aircraft business have been combined, ensuring alignment and speed of execution in a period of multiple crises and changes. Airbus is now on a clear trajectory, in line with its objective of “pioneer” for a aerospace sustainable for a safe and united world ». Give Christian Scherer the role of CEO of Airbus Commercial “will allow us to focus more on the success of our Commercial Aircraft business while allowing me to devote my time to leading Airbus in a complex and rapidly changing environmental global context”said Guillaume Faury, CEO of Airbus. “Christian and I have worked hand in hand over the past five years and we will continue to do so in this new configuration. I admire Christian’s business acumen and am excited to move forward with him to meet Airbus’ ambitions. »

This animation comes at a time whenaerospace industry is facing widespread disruptions in the global supply chain. Christian Scherer, who is currently commercial director and former head of aircraft manufacturing strategy, said he and his team will focus on “achieve our operational objectives… and prepare for the future of our products and services”. Airbus has announced its intention to deliver 720 planes this year and to increase the reference production of single-aisle aircraft by approximately 50% to reach 75 planes per month by 2026. The company is struggling with supply chain but has accelerated its deliveries since the summer.

“It is an honor and pleasure to be called upon to lead our Commercial Aircraft business at such a critical time for our industry”declared Christian Scherer. “I will use my passion and that of the Airbus team to help our customers achieve our operational objectives as we work to consolidate our success, continually improve and prepare for the future of our products and services. In doing so, we will work closely with our partners and suppliers around the world on our shared roadmap to decarbonize aviation. »

This new organization will be implemented in the coming months in collaboration with the company’s social partners, with a “objective of commissioning in project mode from January 1, 2024”specifies the Airbus press release.

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