Airbus and Boeing: United Airlines takes over a tranche of 110 planes

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United Airlines is transforming options on 50 Boeing 787-9s and 60 Airbus A321neos into additional firm orders while renewing purchasing rights with 50 and 40 aircraft respectively.

United Airlines takes over 110 Airbus and Boeing

United Airlines transforms into firm purchases options taken during previous contracts signed with Airbus and Boeing. In this case, 50 Boeing 787-9s and 60 Airbus A321neos. These transformations or conversions are accompanied by a new intake of 50 Boeing 787s, the model of which is not specified, and 60 Airbus 321neos. This brings the total of A321neos firmly ordered to 180 examples and that of Boeing 787-9s to 198. United Airlines also acquired 12 Boeing 787-8s and 27 Boeing 787-10s.

800 deliveries by the end of 2032

This new tranche will result in deliveries starting in 2028 and lasting until 2030 for the A321neo and 2031 for the 787. With the orders previously placed, the company will receive no less than 800 single-aisle and twin-aisle aircraft between 2023. and the end of 2032. The renewal and development of the park is therefore firmly programmed. At the end of August 2023 and before this new tranche, United Airlines already had 476 Boeing 737 MAX and 787-9 to receive as well as 165 Airbus A321neo and A350-900.

Airbus A350-900s still waiting

United Airlines has ordered 45 Airbus A350-900s which are still waiting in the European manufacturer’s backlog. And the first delivery is still not announced before 2027. With its new A321neo order, the company will have signed for a total of 180 examples including 50 A321XLRs that the carrier intends to deploy on its transatlantic routes.

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