Airbus and Air France consider joint venture for A350 maintenance

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Airbus and Air France are working on creating a joint venture intended to manage part of the operations of A350 maintenanceone of the flagship models of the European aircraft manufacturer, reports Le Figaro.

This new entity would focus solely on the overhaul and repair of electronic and mechanical equipment of the A350, without taking care of the maintenance of the engines, the cabin or the seats. A 50/50 joint venture, it would be run by two bosses – one from each of the two groups.

Airbus and Air France would thus aim to compete with the German Lufthansa Group, leader in this MRO (Maintenance, repair and operations) sector with 40% market share, compared to 20% for the European aircraft manufacturer and 20% for the airline. tricolor. The two partners want to move forward quickly on this project, currently called “Cyrus“. “Time to notify the operation to the European Commission and obtain approval from the competition authorities, the two groups would like this entity to be operational at the beginning of 2024“, precise Le Figaro.

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