Airbnb: stay for free in chef Jean Imbert’s cabin, in Brittany

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Next November, chef Jean Imbert will welcome his guests to his cabin for a unforgettable stay in Brittany.

As more and more international celebrities join the Airbnb host community to provide magical experiences for travelers, it’s Jean Imbert’s turn to open the doors to his magnificent cabin! Accustomed to creating unique gastronomic experiences in his establishments or for the greatest artists like Pharrell Williams, Jean Imbert will receive two travelers for a unique one-night stay.

This exclusive stay, in the heart of the Breton village where Jean Imbert grew up, is the perfect opportunity for fans and cooking enthusiasts to learn more about his journey, from his beginnings to his consecration as chef of the legendary Parisian palace, the Plaza Athénée.

The discovery of this secret place is a unique immersion in Chef Imbert’s dearest childhood dream: to create his own ecological cabin nestled among the trees, flooded by the soft Breton light and decorated with an organic vegetable garden.

In addition to meeting and spending precious time with chef Jean Imbert, travelers will have the opportunity to:

  • – Recharge your batteries in your modern cabin, enjoy the surrounding nature and the sea just a few steps away,
  • – Stroll through a local market and harvest fresh vegetables from the chef’s vegetable garden,
  • – Enjoy an intimate dinner designed for them
  • – Sip a last drink in your private speakeasy, within the cabin itself.

For those who would like to meet the chef and his world, go to from Monday October 30 at 7 p.m. and try to book this one-night stay – that of Saturday November 4 – for 0€.

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