Airbnb changes strategy: long-term rentals to revamp the activity

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In an interview given to the newspaper Financial TimesBrian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb announced that, from 2024, the platform will also take care of long-term overnight stays, following the new rules that several cities around the world, from New York to Florence, have implemented against short-term rentals.

This is in fact a decisive step towards a change of strategy. According to Chesky, Airbnb is now exploring new horizons and considering a decisive change in its business model.

Post-pandemic, with the ability to do work in smart working mode, travel needs and methods have changed. Airbnb CEO believes monthly rentals have become increasingly important. “In the post-pandemic world, a new market sector has opened up, the desire for longer vacations. Today, more and more people are working remotely. And many others want to stay away, perhaps for an entire summer. »

Thus, the move towards the long-term rental sector could allow the group to recover the activity lost with the territorial provisions which have attempted in recent months to set rules for the rental of properties for tourist purposes.

The goal, Chesky says, is to go beyond the journey. Making Airbnb “something that no longer involves a person’s life just once or twice a year, but a large part of their daily life”. And that is why the group is studying which services are most in demand to expand its offering, such as car rental and catering.

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