Air Transat: Montreal all year round from Marseille

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Awarded the best leisure airline in the world for the 5th consecutive year, Air Transat continues its momentum and conquers French airspace by developing regularity in the provinces

of its direct connections to/from Montreal. After Lyon, it is in Marseille that the Quebec company decides to annualize its flights.

With more than 120,000 seats sold between May and October 2023 from/to Marseille-Provence airport (much more than from/to Paris-Charles De Gaulle airport),

Air Transat is confident of maintaining the connection with Montreal throughout the year with 2 weekly direct flights from November to the end of March (3, during the Christmas and end-of-year periods) and a daily direct flight during the months of the season summer.

First North American airline to fly A321 LR aircraft

These aircraft use 35% less fuel and emit 40% less noise than other aircraft, Air Transat is delighted to be more respectful of the environment. By the end of 2025, it plans to acquire A321 XLR aircraft to fly further.

Cyril Cousin, Country Manager of Air Transat in France, is pleased to approach the 90% occupancy rate on these direct flights between Marseille and Montreal. “With a small Club class and 200

seats only to be filled versus 350 with large planes, we can afford to increase the frequency of our connections. Which also meets the demand of travelers who enjoy flying non-stop, in virtuous aircraft with comfortable and spacious seats.”

Julien Boullay, Commercial Director of Marseille Provence airport welcomes this decision by the Quebec company with great pleasure :

“Connecting Marseille and Montreal during the winter is a great accomplishment. We will be happy in the South region to welcome more Quebec travelers and introduce them to our territory and our beautiful weather outside of summer. In return, many travelers from Marseille will have the happy experience of the Quebec winter; an absolutely magical season.”

Low prices

Direct flights on Air Transat in winter start with a base price of 408 euros for a round trip and 600 euros, including hold baggage.

Cyril Cousin adds that it is easy to continue on your route once you arrive at your destination: “Air Transat also operates domestic flights which allow travelers to travel from Montreal across the country. They can also take a company flight to travel to the Caribbean and the United States.”

Aurélie Resch (text and photos)

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