Air traffic: which routes suffer the most delays?

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This winter, just over 22 million passengers flew in France, but 27% of them had to deal with cancellations or delays of more than 3 hours. AirHelp shares its air traffic analysis and on-time performance reports between November 2022 and February 2023.

Small airports have a disruption rate close to international airports

Among the 5 French airports with the lowest punctuality rate, international airports rub shoulders with small regional airports. The lowest score was recorded by Grenoble Isère airport, followed by Metz-Nancy-Lorraine, where despite the small number of flights only one out of two journeys was on time.

Airport Number of flights % of on-time flights
Grenoble Isere 370 50%
Metz Nancy Lorraine 260 52%
Charles de Gaulle 56,902 69%
Toulon Hyeres airport 274 72%
Lyon Saint-Exupery 10,488 72%

Routes most impacted by delays

The flights with the longest delays are all departing from Charles de Gaulle, with extremely poor scores for the destinations of Douala, Taiwan Taoyuan and Bamako Airport. In the top 5 routes on which passengers suffered the most delays this winter:

Departure airport Arrival airport Number of flights % of on-time flights
Charles de Gaulle Douala 113 16%
Charles de Gaulle TaiwanTaoyuan 120 19%
Charles de Gaulle Bamako Airport 118 19%
Charles de Gaulle Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul 188 30%
Charles de Gaulle J Chavez International Airport 123 30%

“The situation in France is a reminder of a very important point: flight delays and cancellations can affect every passenger, whether traveling from a small regional airport or Aéroports de Paris. No one is immune, and it is therefore a necessity to protect those injured passengers. This is the mission of AirHelp, the main player in helping air passengers, for 10 years now! » recalls Tomasz Pawliszyn, CEO.

Flight problems: passenger rights

The amount of compensation is calculated according to the duration of the flight. The legitimate claim for compensation depends on the actual length of the delay at the point of arrival as well as the reason for the flight cancellation or delay. Affected passengers can claim compensation retroactively, up to three years after the date of their flight.

Exceptional circumstances such as extreme weather conditions or medical emergencies may have the effect of exempting the operating airline from the obligation to indemnify.

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