Air traffic in France: at 93% of 2019 levels in June

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The monthly index of DGAC for June 2023 indicates sluggish domestic traffic at 84.1% levels before the Covid-19 pandemic, while internationally we reached 95% of these levels.

In June 2023, the Tendanciel index of the French Directorate General of Civil Aviation shows a domestic traffic in French airports, which stands at 84.1% of its level in June 2019. The recovery remains weaker on domestic routes in mainland France (80.6%) and more particularly on radial routes (74.7%). Observations which are also verified according to the DGAC over the whole of the semester, while the segments affecting the Overseas Territories have for their part exceeded their level of attendance for 2019 (101.2%).

The recovery level of the international traffic remains strong this month (95.0%) with a “more homogeneous” trend depending on the continent (from 79.6% towards Asia to 109.4% with Africa), but which remains weak with China (31.9%).

On the first six months of the year a total of 78.99 million passengers were recorded in France, including 65.19 million internationally and 13.80 million for domestic Overseas flights included. which represents respectively 92.4%94.7% and 82.9% of pre-health crisis levels.

Air traffic in France: at 93% of 2019 levels in June 2 Airlines and Destinations
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