Air traffic controllers strike this Friday: disruptions at Paris-Orly, Marseille-Provence and Beauvais-Tillé

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There Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) asked airlines to waive 40% of their flight schedule Friday October 13 at Paris-Orlybecause of a interprofessional strike relayed by the USAC-CGT union of Air traffic controllers.

Airlines have also been called upon to reduce 20% off their flight program to Marseille-Provence and of 15% in Beauvais-Tillé (Paris-Beauvais), the DGAC said in a press release. Consequently, from Thursday evening until 6 a.m. Saturday, air traffic will be disrupted on departure and arrival at Paris-Orly, Marseille-Provence and Beauvais-Tillé airports.

The union that called for a strike is the USAC-CGT, a minority among air traffic controllers but already at the forefront in the spring in the mobilization against pension reform. Among the points defended by the USAC-CGT is the fact that “DGAC agents are starting to be impacted by the reform“. The organization also pointed out “more and more inequalities at the DGAC, particularly in terms of salaries» and criticized “the blasting of public aviation service“.

This notice comes a month after the first air traffic controllers union, the SNCTA, committed to respecting an “Olympic truce” by not striking between now and the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games planned in France during the summer 2024.

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