Air Tahiti Nui: chaos in Papeete due to a PNC strike

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Flight cancellations have been on the rise since last week for the airline Air Tahiti Nuibecause of a strike with his air hostesses and stewards. Forcing her to charter a plane fromAircalin.

Launched on July 4, 2023, the strike movement of the cabin crew members of the Polynesian company based at the airport of Papeete-Faa’a has already led to several flight cancellations, the latest being that of the TN102/TN101 rotation to Los Angeles which was to take off on Monday and return on Tuesday. Air Tahiti Nui explained to its customers yesterday that “the lack of cabin crew continues to disrupt its flight schedule”; and that the strike action “affecting some of its staff has still not no favorable outcome found “. Flight TN58 renamed TN 428 on Monday July 10 scheduled to depart Faa’a at 11.45 p.m. and bound for Paris-CDG has been maintained and is transiting via Los Angeles. In order to allow foreign travelers to reach their final destination, the Commercial Department has asked its resident customers “not to show up at the airport this evening on this flight. They will be transported to their destination by other means”.

Air Tahiti Nui recalls in a press release that customers wishing to postpone their trip can do so free of chargeand that for any cancellation, the tickets will also be refunded free of charge.

A company device Aircalin will be chartered again in order to carry out an additional rotation to New Zealand: flight TN101 on Wednesday July 12 scheduled to depart at 08:25 am bound forAuckland “is maintained for the moment”. The return flight TN102 on Thursday July 13 scheduled to depart from Auckland at 3:30 p.m. is also maintained. THE additional flight SB900 will leave Auckland airport on Thursday July 13 at 5:10 p.m. for an arrival in Papeete on July 12 at 11:55 p.m. (crossing the international date line). The additional flight SB901 will depart from Tahiti-Faa’a airport on Thursday July 13 at 01:55 (Wednesday to Thursday night) for an arrival in Auckland-NZ on Friday July 14 at 06:00 (date line) .

The company “having no visibility on the possibility or not of operating its flights over the next 48 hours”, it offers its customers wishing to cancel their departure to be reimbursed for their tickets free of charge. Of the charter solutions are currently being sought in order to allow resident travelers stranded abroad to be able to return to Polynesia, and foreign visitors to be able to reach their final destination. The General Management and the ground and in-flight staff currently mobilized for customers “send their most sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by this strike action. The return to normal operation is a priority for the company, which is currently doing everything possible to best assist its passengers.

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