Air Tahiti Nui celebrates its 25th anniversary

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On November 20, 1998, the Polynesian company transported travelers from Papeete to Los Angeles for the first time. The 186 passengers on this inaugural flight then take their seats in an Airbus A340 with a Polynesian touch, a trademark of Air Tahiti Nui.

25 years later, Air Tahiti Nui now takes travelers to their dream destinations in a fleet completely renewed in 2019, the Tahitian Dreamliner, with its fuselage with Polynesian tattoos. In addition to its comfort advantages for passengers, the 4 Boeing B787-9s, with their latest generation twin engines, allow a significant reduction in noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The company continues to prove its reliability, its quality of service, and looks forward to the next 25 years, in particular thanks to its CSR commitments. Michel Monvoisin, CEO of Air Tahiti Nui, is delighted “ We are celebrating our 25th anniversary with pride: we are filled with gratitude towards our teams through whom we connect the world and French Polynesia, and of course for our loyal customers, who choose Air Tahiti Nui to travel to Tahiti and Its Islands, Seattle or Los Angeles. We project ourselves into the future with determination and confidence “.

Air Tahiti Nui in a few key dates:

  • 1998: on November 14, Air Tahiti Nui made its first flight between Papeete and Los Angeles, November 22 marked the opening of the Papeete-Tokyo line.
  • 2000: opening of the Papeete-Auckland line.
  • 2002: opening of the Papeete-Paris line.
  • 2015: launch of the CSR policy to operate activities in a more responsible manner.
  • 2017: creation of the subsidiary TAHITI NUI HELICOPTERS, which notably provides EVASAN between the islands and transfer flights, discovery flights, etc.
  • 2019: Air Tahiti Nui replaces its five Airbus A340s with four new generation long-haul Boeing 787-9 aircraft, reducing CO2 emissions by 25%.
  • On March 16, 2020, flight TN064 from Papeete to Paris operated by Air Tahiti Nui set the record for the longest commercial and domestic flight in history with just over 130 passengers on board, over 15,715 kilometers. This connection is normally made with a stopover in Los Angeles, impossible due to the restrictions of the American authorities on European travelers in the context of the pandemic.
  • November 2022: opening of the new Papeete-Seattle line
  • June 2023: opening of the new Paris-Seattle line continuing to Papeete.

Air Tahiti Nui in a few figures*

  • 1,184 commercial flights in 2022 for 14,401 flight hours.
  • 387,515 passengers transported in 2022, +109% compared to 2021.
  • In 2022, the company generated a turnover of 26.752 billion Fcfp for its passenger traffic (224.2 million euros)
  • 77% average fill factor
  • In 2022, 218,750 tourists visited the destination of Tahiti and its islands, an increase of +136% compared to 2021, including 86,390 (40%) transported by Air Tahiti Nui (+103.6%).

*source: ATN annual report, 2022, available on the company website.

2022 Awards:

  • “Five Star Major Airline” (APEX Official Airline RatingsTM).
  • “Best Airline in the South Pacific” and 3rd place “Best Airlines in Australia and New Zealand”, Global Traveler 2022.
  • “Best Entertainment Program” and “Best In-Cabin Service” for the South Pacific region, APEX Passengers’ Choice Awards 2022.
  • Two Gold medals “Sparkling Wine” and “Rosé Wine” in business class, Business Traveler Cellars in the Sky Awards, for wines chosen in collaboration with Head Sommelier Olivier Poussier.
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