Air New Zealand to extend Covid credit expiration by two years

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Air New Zealand will extend the expiration date of credits issued due to the impacts of the pandemic Covid-19. These were due to expire on January 31, 2024.

All customers who have a Covid credit now have until January 31, 2026 to book a trip which must be completed before December 31, 2026. On this date, given that some of these credits date back early 2020, the airline will have granted customers up to six years to use their credits. Richard Thomson, Air New Zealand’s chief financial officer, said the extension of the expiration recognizes the volume of Covid credits outstanding and customer feedback that more time will help customers plan their travel. “Air New Zealand has done what it can to contact its customers. We emailed our customers directly, called those with high-value credits, contacted travel agents and advertised in national media.”explains Mr. Thomson.

“So far, almost 85% of our customers who had Covid credit have used it to book flights, but more than $200 million remains. Given this amount, we believe this extension is the right thing to do to give customers more time. » Air New Zealand Covid credits have been issued to customers who purchased non-refundable fares for flights that could not be operated due to the pandemic. Mr Thomson says this will be the sixth time Air New Zealand has extended the expiry date for Covid credits, an unusual move given the unique circumstances created by the pandemic and the complexity involved in contacting customers. The extension will only apply to Covid-related credits issued before October 2022. Credits issued since then under the airline’s normal terms for cancellations beyond its control will continue to be valid for the 12 months indicated at the time. of the credit issuance, or as needed. by the law. of the whole world.

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