Air Inuit signs for three new Boeing 737-800s

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Air Inuit signed a memorandum of understanding for the acquisition of three Boeing 737-800 aircraft say “Combi” to replace its Boeing 737-200.

These three B737-800s, which will be delivered gradually over the next 24 months, will have main deck level cargo doors to meet the operational requirements of hub airports in Nunavik (eg New Quebec) and other destinations which, in turn, serve each of Air Inuit’s Inuit communities. The concept “Combi” combining passenger + cargo will allow the local airline to customize the aircraft in order to offer, during the same flight, comfort and safe service to passengers as well as reliable transport of goods.

Air Inuit, a subsidiary of the Makivik company, was founded by the Inuit in 1978 to ensure the air link between the 14 coastal villages Nunavik and southern Hudson Strait, promote trade and preserve Inuit culture. The airline, which has more than 1,000 employees and a fleet of 30 aircraft, is also committed to contributing to the development of this vast territory and the growth of its population by supporting various community organizations, cultural events , educational and sports programs, as well as the establishment of employment access programs for people of Inuit origin.

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