Air India: a young man pretends to be a pilot but gets caught…

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A 20-year-old pretended to be a pilotAir-India to impress her friends (yes, there were several of them), but the pill will never really pass.

The media, Indian ETV Bharat and English-speaking onemileatatime, tell how a 20-year-old man was arrested at an airport for impersonating an airline pilot.Air-India. On Monday, August 21, 2023, the man showed up at Vadodara Airport (BDQ), ready to board an Air India domestic flight, dressed in a pilot’s uniform. The man allegedly told the flight crew that he was a pilot of Air India, which would have made them suspicious. As a result, airport security personnel got involved and asked him a few questions. He admitted that he attended a training institute in the ground staff airports, but that he was not a pilot. A search of his belongings revealed that he had manuals for flight safety and that his phone contained numerous photos of him in a pilot’s uniform.

It was then that he was handed over to the police. During his interrogation, he admitted that he often dressed in a pilot’s uniform to impress his girlfriends. More precisely, he tried a uniform on board that day (he was then to join one of his fans) to inflate the story a little more. Until it does pschitt.

But first let’s look at the positive side: the man was released from police custody and was able to return to his family. That’s the good news. The bad news is that to be released, the man had to send a message to all his girlfriends, informing her that he was not really a pilot and that he was pretending. Hard landing.

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