Air France will leave Orly… a regret, but not a surprise

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According to various reports, it was Ben Smith, the boss of Air France since 2018, who made the decision to leave Orly airport. In fact, this is a normal choice. Low-cost airlines have now taken the leading positions on the national market. In Paris, most of them are based in Orly.

Difficulties for some travelers

It is obvious that those who live in the south of the capital will find it more expensive and longer to reach Paris CDG airport. For those who have a connection, they either take Air France from start to finish, or they will need to allow more time for the transfer between Orly and CDG.

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A long-initiated withdrawal from Air France

The withdrawal of Air France from Orly is a long-standing movement. It began with the restructuring plan for the company’s domestic network, when the subsidiary Hop!, responsible for short-haul routes, saw, during the Covid-19 pandemic, its activities transferred from Orly to the Roissy platforms. and Lyon.

Orly Airport

Air France is driven out by low-cost airlines

If you look at the current prices between Paris and the Province, it is clear that prices on Air France have become far too expensive. Low cost companies like Volotea still charge reasonable prices between Paris and the provinces and vice versa. Air France’s low-cost Transavia should remain at Orly.

Eric Ciotti spoke on X (ex twitter)

“Anne-Marie Couderc, President of Air France has just announced to me the termination of the Paris Orly-Nice line which would no longer be operated by the company in 2026. The same would apply to Paris and Toulouse. This decision without any consultation is shameful and scandalous. I will oppose it with all my strength. I have just informed the Prime Minister of this announcement which despises the territories”

Orly has become a souk

Having had the opportunity to go to Orly several times in recent months, I must admit that Orly airport is not pleasant. The area reserved for Vueling flights is stressful. If you visit the site, you will observe the terrible judgment of passengers.
We noted that of a passenger in June 2023: “It was such a chaotic experience for me and my family of 7 who were all coming from America and returning home. I know we are American and don’t speak French which can be annoying when it comes to listening to instructions, but that doesn’t give the staff permission to treat us in such a rude and unprofessional manner . Specifically, at security, they were yelling at my children and other customers. We were also not given priority in queues and were treated horribly by staff at a cafe. I hope if you go you will assert yourself and not let these little brats push you around”

Vueling registration – orly

I had two bad experiences with Vueling

I had the misfortune of booking a flight on Vueling. I won’t be caught again. Check-in is really stressful with a line of counters and endless queues. Twice I had a flight canceled at the last minute with no one to help you find out and find a solution. I am still waiting for my reimbursements since June 2023.

Bye bye Flying Blue

Flying Blue members will toast

Since fares have become overpriced both in France and in Europe, it has become difficult to use Air France, unless the ticket is paid for by your company. We are trying to use a SkyTeam airline but for how long? The Flying Blue program is limited given the small number of airlines compared to Oneworld and StarAlliance. The choice is quickly made, particularly in Asia via Frankfurt or Zurich or London.

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