Air France strike in Guyana: the suspended movement

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Airline employees Air France in Guyana suspended their movement on Monday strikeafter obtaining “satisfactions” from management.

On indefinite strike since June 23, 2023 at the airport of Cayenne-Felix EboueI’inter-union of the French national company announced on July 3 according to France-Guyane to have obtained “ satisfaction and progress », in particular on the replacement of certain departures. But ” there are still some gray areas that we will come back to with management by September/October “, declared Peguy Riquier of Force Ouvrière to the local daily, in particular on the creation at the Air France agency of Larivot of an apprentice or temporary position rather than a permanent job.

The discussions between the regional management of Air France and the unions, which feared a activity transfer and the outsourcing of customer activity at the Larivot branch and at the airport, had started at the beginning of the year before leading to a strike on June 23. ” We have had discussions with management, which globally recognizes the understaffed. But the management, instead of responding to us with hiring, offers us temporary work or even the use of machines that have never worked regarding the transition “, then declared the head of FO. Specifying in Outremers360: “ Our colleagues are backlogged at the agency with people refused at the airport who need to be processed. All this is time-consuming, and it is an increase in activities. Ultimately, it is customer service that suffers. »…

Remember that Air France connects Cayenne to Fort-de-France and Ponte-à-Pitre plus Belém in Brazil, in addition to direct flights in high season from metropolitan France.

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