Air France: resumption of service to Bamako canceled by the Malian authorities

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There junta in power in Mali by force Air France to review its intention to resume serving Bamakothe Malian capital, suspended for two months in a context of tensions in the Sahel.

After having announced on Tuesday that it was going to serve Bamako again from this Friday by chartering a Boeing 777-200ER from the Portuguese company EuroAtlantic Airways, Air France announced yesterday toAFP that the recovery was “postponed until further notice” after “additional requests from the Malian authorities“.

Yesterday, the Malian Ministry of Transport clarified in a press release that Air France’s takeover request was being examined by the national aeronautical authorities and that “Air France flights remain suspended during this review procedure“.

According to’AFP, an agreement would have been issued initially without all interested parties within the Malian government having been consulted or informed. Also, the authorization initially granted to Air France was canceled.

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