Air France now suspends flights to the Sahel until September 10

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Air France has decided to extend “until September 10 inclusive” the suspension of flights from and to mali and the Burkina Fasoflights to Niger remaining suspended “until further notice”, we learned from the tricolor company.

On August 7, it had suspended its flights to Bamako (7 flights per week), Ouagadougou (5 flights per week) and Niamey (4 flights per week) after the closure of Niger’s airspace by the military junta, in power after a July 26 coup. On August 11, she had already extended these links to this day “ following the coup in Niger and due to the geopolitical situation in the Sahel region “.

In addition, Mali, whose military leaders have shown solidarity with the Nigerien putschists, canceled Air France’s authorization to operate flights between Paris and Bamako, citing a “ notorious breach under its license to operate.

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