Air France-KLM takes a US$4.7 million stake in DG Fuels

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This capital investment further strengthens Air France-KLM’s involvement in the development of a global market for sustainable aviation fuels.

The Air France-KLM group has just announced a new stage in cooperation with one of its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) suppliers, the American firm DG Fuels. The Franco-Dutch group will invest $4.7 million (a little over 4.3 million euros) in DG Fuels. This investment, which is a first for Air France-KLM, will contribute to the completion of the development work necessary to obtain the final investment decision (FID) for the first DG Fuels plant, which will be located in Louisiana (UNITED STATES).

New supply commitment

In 2022, the airline group was the world’s leading user of SAF, with a volume representing 17% of global production. In comparison, Air France-KLM represented only 3% of global production of conventional kerosene over the same period. In October 2022, Air France-KLM had already announced the signing of a supply contract with DG Fuels covering 600,000 tonnes of SAF, with deliveries between 2027 and 2036. As part of the announcement of the taking of participation, Air France-KLM has acquired a new option to purchase up to 75,000 tonnes of SAF per year from DG Fuels, with deliveries planned from 2029.

Target of 30% reduction in CO2 reductions by 2030

Fully committed to reducing its environmental impact, the Air France-KLM Group aims to reduce its CO2 emissions per passenger/km by 30% by 2030 compared to 2019. Its decarbonization trajectory provides for the integration of a minimum of 10% of SAF by 2030, alongside other levers such as fleet renewal and eco-piloting.

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