Air France-KLM reportedly considering new order for up to 50 wide-body planes

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The group Air France-KLM is considering a new order for long-haul aircraft, in order to replace part of its aging fleet.

According to The Air Currentthe Air France – KLM group finalizes an order for 50 long-haul planes with from Airbus and/or Boeingwith the aim of replacing its aging fleet ofAirbus A330 and of Boeing 777-200ER. Citing two people close to the matter, the publication adds that the decision could come as early as the end of September 2023.

Air France-KLM’s H1 2023 report, published in July 2023, highlights that the group has 540 aircraft, including 521 were in active duty as of June 30, 2023. “The average age of aircraft in the operational fleet was 12.2 years, including 12.5 years for the long-haul fleet, 12.9 years for the medium-haul fleet, 20.3 years for the cargo fleet and 9.2 years for the regional fleet »the report continues.

Nowadays, Air France-KLM has a total of 59 Boeing 777-300 (43 at Air France, 16 at KLM), 33 777-200 (18 at AF, 15 at KLM) and 26 Airbus A330-200 And A330-300distributed respectively between five A330-300s at KLM and 15 and six A330-200s at Air France and KLM. “The modernization of the fleet will result in the continued growth of the A350-900 fleet within Air France and that of the B787-10 at KLM”notes the report for the first half of 2023.

Currently, Air France has 21 Airbus A350-900s, with the last one delivered on July 12, 2023. Meanwhile, KLM has 23 Boeing 787-9s and 787-10s, according to data from

Earlier this month, the company and Airbus announced plans to create a joint maintenance venture for the Airbus A350, which could give the European giant some leverage in its negotiations with the Franco-Dutch airline.

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