Air France chooses CashMag to dematerialize cash

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CashMag, a specialist in the field of payment solutions, marks a significant step in the digitalization of cash for the airline by installing its first touchscreen terminal and coin mechanism duo at Nice airport. This revolutionary collaboration with Air France aims to simplify and improve the services offered to travelers by enabling last-minute transactions in a convenient and secure manner.

The traveler experience reinvented: Air France and CashMag redefine last-minute services

In an era where interactive technologies are growing, touchscreen kiosks are gaining popularity for their intuitive features and their ability to simplify interactions.

Air France has taken the initiative to provide travelers with additional last-minute services to meet their specific needs. Whether it is adding checked baggage, an animal cage, a bicycle, a golf bag or paying fees related to overweight baggage, travelers can now pay for these services at using the brand new system developed by CashMag.

The process is simple and efficient: when payment is made by credit card, a hostess at the counter takes care of the transaction. On the other hand, if the traveler prefers to use cash, they are invited to go to a specially designed space, a “connected” lounge, equipped with a touch terminal and a CashMag coin mechanism fully integrated into the design of the room. .

The software interface developed by CashMag allows travelers to select the desired service via the touch terminal, validate it and make the payment in cash using the integrated coin mechanism. This all-in-one solution is perfectly integrated into Air France’s sales process, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience for travelers.

In addition, employees no longer have access to cash flows. Secure access to a dedicated room has been set up for Air France technicians, in order to recover cash with complete peace of mind and ensuring optimal management of funds.

This collaboration between CashMag and Air France ushers in a new era in the airport industry, transforming the way travelers interact with last-minute services. CashMag’s ambitions for this innovation reflect its commitment to creating cutting-edge solutions that simplify consumers’ lives and improve their experiences: With the plane ticket, the traveler can pay for their transactions in complete autonomy!

Rethinking cash transactions: CashMag’s monetary revolution

As a pioneer in creating automated cashier assistants, CashMag has designed a revolutionary coin changer that automates cash handling. It allows precise handling of coins and notes while guaranteeing the detection of counterfeits. In addition to ensuring rapid delivery, the CashMag coin changer can be integrated into any modern cash register software, thus simplifying cash management.

CashMag’s automated coin changers have already found a prominent place in bakeries, hair salons and even tobacconists, facilitating cash transactions and offering an improved customer experience.

The touch terminal developed by CashMag stands out by being able to collect cash thanks to its integration with the automated coin mechanism. This functionality extends the possibilities of using the touch terminal and gives it a unique advantage.

CashMag does not just provide automated coin changers, the French company builds, distributes and sells its solutions, asserting its presence as an essential supplier. In addition, CashMag is developing a universal interface for controlling its coin mechanisms (CashMag Connect), ensuring smooth integration with various cash register software.

About CashMag

Cashmag develops and markets coin acceptors and cash collection and management software for local businesses. From software publishing to the manufacturing of coin mechanisms and the distribution of payment solutions, Cashmag has a 360-degree vision that covers the broad spectrum of coin mechanisms. The Toulouse company founded in 1942 intends to revolutionize the world of cash collection and continues to develop its products to best meet the expectations of local businesses. Cashmag has more than 12,000 customers, 11 coin changers, 2 world patents, and a presence in more than 100 countries. More information:

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