Air France: a mural saluting its 90 years of elegance in Montreal

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To mark the 90th anniversary of the tricolor company created in 1933, Air France inaugurated in Montreal the wall-mounted Alfa Foxtrot taking up elements of its heritage.

Painted at the corner of de la Visitation and La Fontaine streets in the Village de Montréal district, the mural is the result of a collaboration between a Canadian and French duo: Cyrielle Tremblay and Taroe. This 160 square meter mural, dominated by the colors of the French airline, embodies 90 years of elegance, technology, comfort and in-flight gastronomy.

The dress on the left is part of a collection of five iconic dresses created by Xavier Ronze, French designer and head of the costume workshops for the Paris National Opera ballet. It illustrates the evolution of the company’s uniforms over the decades while immortalizing the heritage of haute couture in Air France’s identity. In the center, to honor technological prowess, we find the Concorde, symbol of innovation and aeronautical progress. Finally, the macarons and the cup on the right highlight French gastronomy throughout the world and on board Air France.

Murals, omnipresent in Montreal urban art, proved to be the ideal support for this work which illustrates the best of Air France’s identity in this style unique to Montreal.“, declared Jean-Eudes de La Bretèche, general manager of Air France-KLM Canada. “This vast canvas, and the 4-handed work of the two French and Quebec artists, reflect Air France’s attachment to design and the art of living for 90 years and this special bond that unites Air France to Quebec.vs.”

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