AIR CRASH: look back at the “Frecce Tricolori” accident

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The plane lost speed and altitude

The centenary of the Aeronautica Militare has taken a dramatic turn. The accident occurred shortly after the takeoff of an Aermacchi MB-339 of the renowned acrobatic patrol “Frecce Tricolori” from Turin-Caselle airport. Participating in a “chevron” formation, Commander Oscar del Do, aboard his MB-339, encountered a critical situation. In the space of about ten seconds, the plane lost speed and altitude, forcing the pilot to eject over a field near San Francesco al Campo.

Flaming debris

The crash didn’t just have repercussions at altitude. Following the impact, incandescent debris broke away from the aircraft, tragically hitting a car in which a family was traveling. A five-year-old girl did not survive, and her older brother was seriously injured, requiring urgent treatment at the ‘Regina Margherita’ hospital. Their parents also suffered significant burns and were hospitalized. Commander del Do, although ejected in time, was also injured.

Bird collision suspected

If the obsolescence of the Aermacchi MB-339, a now old plane, is not excluded as a possible factor in the accident, the currently favored hypothesis points to a collision with a bird. Absorption of a volatile by the device’s reactor may have caused a sudden loss of power. The Italian Ministry of Defense is actively exploring this avenue. In addition, testimonies, including that of General Urabo Floreani, spokesperson for Aeronautica Miltare, confirm that Commander del Do had reported an engine failure due to a collision with birds shortly before the crash. The investigation is focusing on the circumstances of the accident, including the loss of engine power and safety measures at Turin airport.

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