Air Canada partnered with Hopper to offer the “No Reason Cancellation” option

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Air Canada has partnered with theHopper travel app to offer its customers the option “Cancellation without reason” – at an additional cost.

Travelers can now add the option “Cancellation without reason” to non-refundable tickets eligible under a booking on the Air Canada website. The option “Cancellation without reason” Hopper support makes it easy to cancel a flight up to 24 hours before scheduled departure. Depending on the level of coverage purchased, if the traveler cancels their flight, a refund of 80% or 100% of the price of the initial eligible reservation is made immediately according to the payment method preferred by the user, without further waiting or action.

The option “Cancellation without reason” is available for Economy Standard, Economy Flex, Premium Economy (lowest fare) and Business Class (lowest fare) fares.

When a customer selects an eligible fare option on Air Canada’s website, they will automatically be offered the option “Cancellation without reason“. If he has to cancel his trip later, he can do it by going to the page “My reservations” of the site and receive a refund, in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions. The feature is offered in addition to the standard cancellation and refund policy for changeable and refundable tickets.

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