Air Antilles: mediation between pilots and management

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After the request for cessation of payment filed by the CEO of the cairo group bringing together the airlines Air Antilles And Air Guyanaon the 12th day of the pilots strikemanagement and unions have begun a mediation which is due to continue this Friday.

While the Pointe-à-Pitre commercial court must rule on August 2 on Eric Kory’s request, which could lead to the liquidation of the two companies, a first mediation took place on Wednesday between the management of Cairo and unions including the SNPL origin of the movement. “Under the aegis of state services”, underlines Guadeloupe La 1ère which evokes an “opening of dialogue” whose resumption is announced for this Friday, July 28, 2023.

Hardy Brieuc, SNPL Delegate for Air Antilles, told him after the first attempt at mediation: ” The situation, as you know today since the declaration of cessation of payment which was made by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, launches a judicial liquidation procedure, and the question will inevitably arise on the cash requirements for business continuity in the context of this judicial liquidation “. Before emphasizing, in reference to some 2,500 Guadeloupeans waiting for a possible flight, that ” this debate is a subsequent debate, the current debate is that of being able resume an activity to be able of course to ensure the repatriation of travelers, but also the resumption of work, potentially and under the agreement of the parties “.

The union representative mentioned: an important step forward in the rupture of the dialogue that has taken place until now, sometimes deafness, which has been mentioned here and there. It’s a important step forward “, hoping the ” potential signature for a transactional crisis resolution protocol.

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