Air Antilles and Air Guyane: pilot strike notice from July 14 to 19

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airline pilots Air Antilles and Air Guyane are called to strike from July 14 to 19their union accusing the management of a lack of “social dialogueafter a first conflict last December.

Both airlines are subsidiaries of the Express interregional airline (CAIRE), based in Guyana. They provide mainly short-haul connections between overseas territories but also with third countries in the Caribbean region.

The CAIRE section of the National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL)have been asking for many months that a real social dialogue be set up within their airline“, argued the union in a press release. Last December, a social conflict had already erupted over the issue of wages. To get out,the company had committed, by agreement, to wage increases pending negotiations which had to respect a very precise timetable to finally reach a collective pilot agreement“recalled the union.

But “all the commitments made have not been respected”, today accuses the SNPL, pointing out that “Management unilaterally terminated almost three years ago the only pilot agreement in existence, wiping out the few hard-earned benefits“.

The union demandsin addition to the establishment of a real social dialogue and respect for employees and their representatives, the immediate implementation of an advantageous pilot agreement incorporating a significant increase in remuneration respectful of the unfailing commitment of flight crews for so many years“. Otherwise, the pilots’ strike notice could be extended beyond July 19.

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