air accident in Argentina: fatal crash of a Soviet L-29 Delfin plane during an air show

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An L-29 Delfin fighter jet, a remnant of the Soviet era, tragically crashed during an air show at Villa Canas in Argentina, resulting in the death of both pilots. The accident, which occurred on November 12, 2023, shocked spectators and raised questions about the safety of aerial events involving old aircraft.

Disaster at Villa Canas: L-29 Delfin crashes during an air show

November 12, 2023 will remain engraved as a dark day in the history of Argentine aviation. An L-29 Delfin, a Soviet-era fighter jet, crashed during an air show in Villa Canas, killing both pilots on board. The plane, attempting to execute a perilous loop, tragically failed in its maneuver, crashing alarmingly close to spectators and just meters from a busy road. The mayor of Villa Canas, Norberto Gizzi, expressed his deep emotion at this event, emphasizing the surprise and fear of the witnesses at the sudden fall of the device.

Testimonies and analysis: a fatal figure under capricious winds

Video footage, captured by a spectator, shows the L-29 Delfin performing a low pass over the runway, a maneuver that initially captivated the audience. However, when attempting to regain altitude, the aircraft failed to complete the maneuver and crashed. According to Mayor Gizzi, windy conditions played a crucial role in this accident. The pilot reportedly lost speed and control of the aircraft, which then crashed and caught fire. This tragedy raises questions about the challenges and dangers associated with air shows, particularly with vintage aircraft.

L-29 Delfin: a relic of the Soviet era in the Argentine skies

The L-29 Delfin, developed in Czechoslovakia and introduced in 1961, was the primary jet trainer for the Warsaw Pact air forces outside Russia. Appreciated for its robustness and versatility, the design of the aircraft is distinguished by its straight wing and its two-seat fuselage in tandem under a large canopy, offering exceptional visibility. Powered by a centrifugal flow turbojet engine, the L-29 can reach speeds of up to 820 km/h and an altitude of 11,000 meters. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, its use gradually declined in favor of more modern models. More than 3,600 units were built, and today this historic aircraft is primarily used in air shows and for civilian activities, attesting to its enduring place in aviation history.

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