Ai Caraïbes: the strike extends until August 20

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Initially scheduled from August 11 to 15 inclusive, the Air Caraïbes staff strike (stewards, air hostesses and ground staff) will last until August 20, 2023.

The SNPNC-FO (National Union of Sailboat commercial employees) representing the hostesses, stewards and ground staff of Air Caraïbes Atlantique, did not receive to date no satisfactory response to their claims regarding the conditions of work and remuneration and extend the call to stop work started on August 11 2023, until August 20, 2023. “It is true that the dialogue has since remained open, but we regret that it is sterile and that no concrete proposal to our priority demands has been brought to us”, says the PNC union. Management’s only proposal was a schedule of meetings “without any promise of commitment on their part”.

“In addition to the anti-democratic methods of our leadership, they do not hesitate even more now to flout the fundamental values ​​of the Republic in circumventing and not respecting the Diard law and its spirit”, criticizes the SNPC-FO. There Diard law imposes on employees strikers to have to declare 48 hours in advance so that the company can inform passengers of any disruptions. “ The law prohibits the company from use these declarations to reorganize its activity, but Air Caraïbes is freed from this duty. The company refuses certain intentions to participate in the conflict of the from its employees if the slightest drafting error appears on their declaration. Air Caribbean asks for strict application of the law to its employees but does not apply it not herself. » Due to the large number of striking employees and so that the activity can continue, Air Caraïbes replaces the pursers (responsible for cabin safety) by fixed-term employees under contract, having not followed the appropriate training.

It is for these reasons that the SNPNC/FO is extending ” without hesitation “ the movement of strike until August 20.

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