African states agree to strengthen air connectivity

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The eighth edition of Aviation Week Africa-Indian Ocean (AFI) enabled governments in the region to agree to work more closely together to implement ICAO standards and plans for safetyof security and of sustainability of aviation, the States “very efficient” providing greater assistance to those who need the most support.

The event was organized by the Government of Kenya and took place at Nairobi from 21 to 25 August 2023 in the presence of representatives of the Council and other representatives of States and organizations. In his opening speech, the President of the ICAO Council, Salvatore Sciacchitano, highlighted that the presence “Such a large number of key representatives of States and international and regional organizations present at this meeting is a clear demonstration of the recognition of the importance of aviation for the sustainable development of nations” and the need for all partners and stakeholders to work closely together to create synergies in Africa.

Closer partnership around capacity building, particularly to support the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP), was a cross-cutting outcome of the event. States emphasized “practical application” of the ICAO roadmap for training and strengthening aviation capabilities and the importance of continued support for training and ICAO workshops in priority areas. They recognized the importance of mobilizing resources under the No Country Left Behind initiative and agreed that NGAP and gender equality objectives should be a crucial element of national aviation planning .

The capacity of Africa’s air navigation systems was also discussed, with States agreeing to request the African Union Commission to coordinate the establishment of a working group on “a transparent sky for Africa” and strengthen their cooperation through collaborative decision-making (CDM). . The digitalization of services is considered a particularly important priority in this area.

In order to support the partnership between States with “high” and “low” safety and security oversight capabilities, ICAO regional offices have been requested to facilitate cooperation through regional mechanisms, with particular emphasis on the development of targeted projects aimed at achieving the objectives set out in ICAO’s Global Aviation Safety and Security Plans.

The ICAO Cybersecurity Action Plan and the African Aviation Safety Alliance (ASAA) initiative on effective data collection on incidents and the accidents in Africa were considered high priorities for governments, as was the ratification of the African (Malabo) Convention on cybersecurity and the protection of people.

There sustainability was recognized as an equally important priority, the development of fuels aviation sustainable (SAF) being recognized as both playing a crucial role in the decarbonization of flight and as an extremely promising catalyst for sustainable development in Africa.

States and other stakeholders were encouraged to join the program of assistance, capacity building and training for the SAF (ACT-SAF) of ICAO and to benefit from all the support initiatives provided under its auspices. States were also encouraged to actively contribute to the upcoming Third ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels, to be held in November 2023 in Dubai, from which a global framework for investment and production is expected to emerge. of SAF.

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