Aeromexico flight attendant caught filming under passenger’s skirt

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A flight attendant from Aeromexico was caught filming a passenger’s skirt while boarding.

The incident, which occurred on an Aeromexico flight connecting Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX) in Mexico at the international airport of Cancun (CUN, was revealed via social network A female passenger wearing a skirt boarded the flight, and as she did so, the flight attendant appeared to be busy rummaging through the bottom rung of a food cart drawer with his other hand.

But the man did not notice that he was being filmed by the smart phone of another passenger who sent the video to a journalist. The latter then put it online on the social network. The passenger who filmed claims the woman in the video was not the first person this had happened to during the flight, but was the first one filmed.

Aeromexico released a statement announcing that it would open an investigation. “Aeromexico, in agreement with the Mexican Association of Aviation Flight Attendants Union (ASSA de Mexico), regrets what happened and reiterates that no inappropriate conduct will be permitted in its operations”a spokesperson for the airline told various media.

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