Aer Lingus and American Airlines extend codeshare agreement

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Aer Lingus And American Airlines have extended their codeshare agreement to include transatlantic routes of Dublin has Chicago And Philadelphia.

The deal means the customer can now book flights between destinations on either of the carriers’ websites, allowing for increased connection options. This decision follows the launch of an agreement code sharing between the two airlines last year, initially covering American Airlines’ domestic routes from Chicago, and Aer Lingus’ services from Dublin to select UK and Irish destinations.

This also follows the recent end of the codeshare agreement between Aer Lingus and United, the US carrier rival to American Airlines. Aer Lingus said the expansion “marks a crucial milestone in Aer Lingus’ agreement with American Airlines as well as the existing broader Atlantic Joint Business (AJB) partnership, which includes American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia And Finnair “.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) gave final approval for Aer Lingus to join the existing transatlantic joint venture in December 2020.

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