AEGEAN: new uniforms for cabin crew

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AEGEAN presented the new uniforms of its hostesses and stewardsin collaboration with the Greek brand Zeus+Δione.

The new uniforms, designed by designer Marios Schwab of Zeus+Δione, are “in perfect harmony with the vision and image of the neo-era of AEGEAN, incorporating fundamental elements, codes and symbols“, according to the airline.

Taking inspiration from the color palette of the Greek sky and sea, Zeus+Δione has created a collection of outfits that combine Greek heritage with the philosophy of AEGEAN while simultaneously focusing on diversity and inclusion , thereby contributing to the airline’s vision for continuous improvement in the passenger experience and comfort of its crew.

The new collection offers a diverse range of options, pieces that form a multi-faceted mosaic in crew attire. “Classic tailored silhouettes are thoughtfully accented with attached scarves, geometric asymmetries and contrasting linear accents that highlight the structural finesse of the garments“, explains AEGEAN in its press release.

To complete the new look of AEGEAN, “a modern makeup from the Greek brand Korres, a pioneer in the category of natural cosmetics, is presented, where the natural beauty and uniqueness of each woman are highlighted. The long-lasting professional effect of the Korres makeup collection guarantees elegance and comfort for the crew during the flight“, we can read in the press release.

AEGEAN: new uniforms for cabin crew 6 Airlines and Destinations
AEGEAN: new uniforms for cabin crew 7 Airlines and Destinations
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