AEGEAN: a winter program with 18 new connections to 14 countries

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There Greek company AEGEAN has just announced its winter 2023/2024 flight programthus offering a multitude of expanded options for passengers.

This program offers 18 new connections to 14 countries, compared to the previous year, while expanding its operations in the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans and Europe. This company initiative now allows all passengers departing from Athens to discover new destinations such as Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Luxor and Sharm El Sheikh in (Egypt), Innsbruck (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Baku (Azerbaijan), Chisinau (Moldova).

AEGEAN also maintains some specific routes from Athens to Bristol, Birmingham, Malaga, Bilbao, Tallinn, Riga, Tunisia and Barcelona from Thessaloniki, which had been launched in previous summer months. This supports the extension of the tourist season while simultaneously increasing the frequency of flights to well-known destinations, for example by adding a second daily flight between Athens and Frankfurt.

This new winter program aims to continually offer new options to travelers and to offer attractive seasonal destinations for the period “outside summer” (such as Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor, Innsbruck), after the successful experience of flights to Marrakech during the previous winter season.

At the same time, the company contributes to tourism throughout the year, by maintaining regular flights from/to Rhodes, Heraklion and Kalamata until November, while launching the new summer season from March 2024. In the same spirit, AEGEAN operates charter flights from Rhodes, as part of a special program implemented in cooperation with foreign tour operators, offering 35,000 seats available to 22 European destinations in 8 countries, between October and December 2023, as well as in February and May 2024.

AEGEAN’s new reinforced winter program is a continuation of the first 9 months of 2023, as evidenced by the latest data on passenger traffic. More specifically, AEGEAN transported more than 11.9 million passengers between January and September 2023 (7.1 million on the international network), an increase of 30% compared to the same period of the previous year. The company’s results were also positive in the 3rd quarter of the year, compared to the same quarter of 2022, with 5.3 million passengers carried and a very balanced increase both between domestic passenger traffic (+17% ) and international (+18%).

In summary, during the first 9 months of the year, passenger traffic on AEGEAN’s international network to and from Athens Airport increased by 38%, while, for the same period, the increase of international passenger traffic departing from Thessaloniki Airport exceeded 45% compared to the previous year.

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