ADP: the summer barometer on border waiting times

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There Border Police Department and the ADP Group (Paris Airports) are joining forces to draw up the monthly report on waiting times that passengers encounter at different checkpoints borders at airports Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly.

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle: between July 19 and August 31, of nearly 4.5 million passengers on international flights, 84.4% waited less than 10 minutes, 98.1% less than 30 minutes and 99.5 % less than 45 minutes. The share of passengers who waited less than 10 minutes increased by 7% in July-August compared to the month of June (77% in June, 84% in July-August). Compared to June, the number of events resulting in waits of more than 30 minutes have been halved on average.

At Paris-Orly: in July and August and nearly 2 million passengers on international flights, 93% waited less than 10 minutes, 99.9% less than 30 minutes and 100% less than 45 minutes.

The recruitment of more than 270 additional contract agents, to reinforce the Border Police force, has largely contributed to this improvement in waiting times. At the same time, 17 new PARAFE automatic airlocks have been added and this reinforcement plan will continue, with the aim of offering 170 airlocks for the summer of 2024 (+39% compared to 2023).

The expansion of nationalities eligible to use PARAFE control terminals was another factor of improvement: from 8 nationalities from third countries to Europe eligible at the beginning of the summer, the system increased to more than 60 nationalities on departure (from 18 years old) and a dozen on arrival (from 12 years old) who can use these airlocks with a biometric passport.

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