ADP: Much of the traffic will be overseas

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Limited in its domestic market by environmental constraints, ADP invests in airports abroad. For example, the airport group boosted its growth by acquiring, in 2020, 49% of the leading Indian group, GMR Airports, for 1.36 billion euros.

GMR Group in India

70% of traffic comes from airports outside France

Thanks to GMR Airports, ADP added 87.4 million passengers to its 2022 results, including 59.5 million for Delhi airport and 19 million for Hyderabad airport. It is all the same a third of the total traffic of the ADP group (280.4 million passengers), of which 70% now come from airports outside France.


ADP tied with Spain’s AENA

“We have become the world’s leading airport group, on a par with the Spanish AENA”, underlines the CEO of ADP, Augustin de Romanet “. The airports of the Aena network closed the year 2022 with more than 243 million passengers

By 2030, 40% of results will come from abroad

“Today, 24% of our current operating income is already generated internationally. With what we have in the portfolio, this share will be 25% to 35% in 2030 and 35% to 40% in 2040. The main contributor remains the TAV group (Turkey), but India will start to generate significant dividends at from 2027-2028, once the current phase of large investments in Delhi, Hyderabad and Goa has passed. And it should even become extremely contributory from 2030,” he says.

After India, Jordan, Chile, Malaysia…

ADP is also banking on Jordan, where the group is in the process of negotiating a “multi-year” extension of the Amman airport concession, as well as on Chile, where after “difficult” negotiations with the Chilean government , the Santiago airport concession should also start to bear fruit.

Pretty much everywhere in the world

We could also participate in a second wave of airport privatization in India, and we are also looking at the Jarkata airport file”. ADP also sees opportunities in Malaysia, Mexico, Latin America and even the United States, where many airports are still public.

Augustin de Romanet

From airport operator to services

In the long term, however, it cannot be ruled out that the growth of foreign airports will end up financing ADP’s investments in relay airports in France. But for now, the subject is not topical for the CEO of ADP, who has other priorities. “I consider that my core business is not to increase air traffic, but to welcome the passengers who are given to me, which at most optimizes profits for businesses. Our real job is hospitality,” he explains. From this vision of the profession, the CEO of ADP would like to succeed in making a recognized brand, likely to be declined internationally, like the major hotel chains or French luxury brands.

Part of the information comes from the newspaper Les Echos!

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