Acapulco Airport: an airlift to evacuate tourists following the passage of Hurricane Otis

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Airlines began evacuating tourists from the seaside town on Friday from Acapulcoin Mexico, after a large Category 5 hurricane caused devastation and at least 27 deaths, authorities said.

“The Acapulco airport has already been reopened for a air lift »Defense Minister Luis Cresencio Sandoval told reporters in Mexico City, adding that the track had not suffered major damage. Commercial airlines would bring doctors and transport tourists and locals, he added. Passengers carrying suitcases arrived at Acapulco International Airport to pick up free flightsexpressing relief to be alive after Hurricane Otis slammed into the city with winds of 270 kilometers per hour.

The airport buildings and facilities appear to have been seriously damaged damaged, broken glass and debris littering the ground. There Control Tower and the navigation systems have been seriously affected, so flights will be operated on sight. Airlines Viva, Volaris And Aeroméxico have already been able to carry out landing operations at Acapulco airport. “This airlift is due to the goodwill of the 3 national airlines, all three having the best will to provide more flights to the population who need them. At the moment there are only 8-9 flights to Acapulco, but if there is more demand even more will be allowed wherever possible,” said the undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SICT), Rogelio Jiménez Pons.

Excluding exceptional airlift, current activities at Acapulco airport have been suspended to carry out cleaning and recovery work on the installations under the protection of the National Guard.


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