Absolute pleasure: this is a Russian test pilot’s opinion on the Russian 5th generation Su-57 fighter!

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Sukhoi Design Bureau test pilot Rafael Suleymanov described his experience flying the 5th generation Su-57 fighter, highlighting its supreme agility. He said that flying this plane is a pleasure, offering great maneuverability. Russia is currently discussing the delivery of these fighters to its partners and the possibility of joint production.

Su-57: supreme agility and maneuverability, according to Russian test pilot

Rafael Suleymanov, test pilot at the Sukhoi Design Bureau, shared his experience of piloting the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter, highlighting its supreme agility and maneuverability. In a video interview published by the Telegram channel of the United Aircraft Corporation, Suleymanov said: “The Su-57 is the pinnacle of the creation of our aircraft manufacturers and the rest of the industry that supplies this aircraft with its components . Piloting it and making it fly is a pleasure; it allows the pilot to fly in all conditions, at any speed, at any angle of attack. The ability of the pilot, by his own decision, to achieve certain supercritical angles of attack, to execute a maneuver more energetically, to position the axis of the weapon more energetically in the direction of the enemy when he is not “don’t wait for it, can of course lead to victory.”

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