A4A files complaint over Schiphol flight reduction plan

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An official complaint fromAirlines for America (A4A) against the government of the Netherlands and the European Union (EU), under the Fair Competition Practices in International Air Transport Act could force the country to rethink its plans to limit flight capacity to Schiphol.

The complaint states that “ “The Netherlands continues to violate EU regulations and the US-EU Open Skies Agreement by illegally imposing capacity reductions at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.” “Furthermore, this is both an unjustifiable and unreasonable discriminatory and anti-competitive practice, as well as an unjustifiable and unreasonable restriction of air carrier access under the IATFCPA and a violation of the open air transport agreement between the United States and the EU. »

Air Cargo Nederland previously warned the government that U.S. carriers include the Netherlands as an equal partner in their international networks and that restrictions could hamper those rights, adding that “the adoption of such measures could violate the obligations of the Netherlands”. A4A urged the United States Department of Transportation (Dowry) has “promptly initiate consultations with the Dutch government and the EC”.

There flight limit was criticized by the actors of the iaeronautical industry Dutch for its economic disadvantages, with the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Mark Harbers, saying that the decision brings “difficult news for the aviation sector, which is still recovering from the enormous impact of Covid-19”but adding that “this decision serves as a basis for establishing a new balance.”

Until the next government decides on the issue, after the elections of November 24, Schiphol will benefit from a maximum of 500,000 time slots per year. After this date, a new agreement will be concluded, but this is expected to take several months. “We want such a new system as soon as possible, but no later than 2025/2026”Amsterdam Schiphol Airport said. “We call on the government to develop a legally binding system whose objective is no longer the number of air movements but the reduction of noise and emissions, in accordance with the Paris Climate Accords. »

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