A unique pair of father-daughter pilots take their first flight with Jet2

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A father captain and her daughter co-pilotwho both work for British airline (low cost and leisure) Jet2.com, fulfilled their ambition to fly together for the first time recently on a flight from London Stansted to Tenerife.

It’s a pretty story. Brian and Becky Morgan, from Colchester in Essex, had a memory they will cherish forever after flying a full commercial flight together on Friday – a dream they’ve had for years. Taking their careers even further, the moment takes on a special character, as Brian, who is a co-pilot for Jet2.com since 2016, recently moved on to become a captain…before flying with his daughter for the first time. As for daughter Becky, she joined Jet2.com’s apprentice pilot program in 2021, after completing her flight trainingand her father supported her throughout her apprenticeship.

These two got their first chance to fly together after Becky finished her pilot’s apprenticeship, earned her stripes and received her transfer to the base of London Stansted. Referring to this singular flight, Brian commented in a press release from his company: “It was fantastic to fly with my daughter, Becky. We finally had the opportunity to fly together on a fully booked flight from London Stansted to Tenerife, which was not only a great day for the customers, but also a memorable day for us. »

Brian’s successful career at Jet2.com helped his daughter feel inspired as she contemplated her career choices. Brian explains: “I have always encouraged Becky to follow her passion when it comes to her career. Naturally, when I started my flight training, Becky also took an interest, so when she announced that she wanted to pursue a career in aviation as a pilot, I was over the moon. » Becky added: “When my father started his flight training, I also took an interest and have fond memories of flying together in light aircraft. However, I never saw it as something I could actually do as a job. I was supposed to go to college, but I wasn’t 100% sure what degree to get and what career I wanted to pursue. When I discussed my options with my family, they were very supportive in pursuing this career and gave me the confidence to believe that I could achieve anything I wanted. »

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