A Toulouse startup presents its data fusion platform for space security

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Five months after a record fundraising, Look Up Space unveils the first stage of its operational roadmap.

A massive multi-source data fusion and processing platform

November 16, during the show Space Tech Expo from Bremen, Germany, the startup Look Up Space specializing in data provision and data services space security presented a first test version of its digital platform for multi-source data fusion, called Synapse.

Equipped with proprietary orbital calculation algorithms, the tool developed is presented as “native, hybrid, dual and secure cloud”.

It allows, according to the company’s press release:

– fusion of radar, optical, radio frequency (RF) and laser data with external catalogs and contextual data;

– the referencing of 56,000 orbital objects, active satellites and debris;

– efficient search on all referenced objects thanks to optimal structuring of the data;

– real-time visualization of the 2D and 3D trajectories of all objects in orbit;

– precise orbital and contextual information on each object;

– a real-time calculation of all the risks of collisions in orbit;

– proposals for collision avoidance maneuvers.

Record fundraising

The official presentation of Synapse in Bremen marks, a few weeks in advance, the completion of the first stage of the operational roadmap of the young company, founded in Toulouse in June 2022 by Juan Carlos Doladoformer head of the space surveillance department of the CNESand the general Michael Friedlingancient Space Commander (CDE).

The event comes five months after a fundraising of €14 million, including €7 million in private financing (which constituted the second largest seed fundraising in Europe for a Space Tech, and the largest to date in France), and €7 million in public subsidies (as part of France 2030 and French Tech Seed).

Look Up Space, which wants to secure space activities and make space sustainable, aims to become a world leader in space security.

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