A swarm of mosquitoes disrupts the departure of a Volaris flight (videos)

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Passengers on a flight Volaris between Guadalajara and Mexico City got off to a turbulent start after the invasion of a swarm of mosquitoes in the cabin…

The departure of a Mexican airline Volaris flight on Friday October 6 was delayed due to a mosquito infestation, local media reported. According to details from the flight tracking site FlightAwareflight VOI221 finally took off with 2 hours and 27 minutes delay. On videos posted on social networks, we can see passengers trying to scare away mosquitoes as best they can, using what they have on hand (leaflets and various papers, etc.), then the on-board staff doing so. use of insecticides.

It is unclear what caused the mosquito infestation, although a similar incident took place with the same airline in 2019. The area in which the airport is located is conducive to the proliferation of mosquitoes. It is particularly located near flood-prone areas with abundant vegetation.

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