A Spicy Trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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The United States in a gourmet version… the scents, flavors and culinary traditions are elements of connection with the culture of a place and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the travel experience. Today, head to the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Most of the streets in this Rocky Mountain town are dedicated to chili peppers. Locals pass the seeds on as family heirlooms, and in the Rio Grande Valley is Hatch, the “world capital of Chile,” the native variety of chili pepper.

Green, medium to hot varieties are used in dishes such as relleno peppers, stuffed, breaded or fried peppers, or you can experiment with red peppers, which are sweeter, often dried or in sauce. Most vendors roast the peppers on-site, and when asked “red or green,” travelers can answer “Christmas” to taste both.

Also to try the New Mexico specialty, the green pepper cheeseburger, an ad hoc itinerary has also been created to discover it in all its versions. Other local favorites include Mexican food trucks in the downtown plaza, pozole (pork and ground corn stew), barbecue, and the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail, where foodies can try ancient meso-style elixirs. -American.

In September, the Santa Fe Wine & Chile Fiesta will take place, celebrating the city’s culinary scene with cooking shows, guest chef banquets, wine dinners, and a bike tour between food stops.

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