A Rafale intercepts a tourist plane full of drugs

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The information that fell on Saturday June 24 is not current, an Air and Space Force Rafale was called in to intercept a tourist plane carrying drugs above the sky of the Ardeche.

The flight over the Fessenheim plant puts a Rafale on alert

The alert was given on the nearest air base, a passenger plane, registered in Poland departing from Freiburg in Germany and bound for Spain, worries the authorities when it begins to fly over the sensitive area of ​​​​the plant nuclear facility at Fessenheim. The attitude of the pilot is all the more suspect since no radio transmission is emitted and errors in his flight plan are made. There being no doubt, a Rafale was dispatched very quickly to carry out the interception as well as the verification of the aircraft and the pilot.

Agitated pilot behavior

As soon as the Rafale arrived at the tourist plane, Captain Cyril, pilot of the Rafale testified: “I notice an agitated behavior of the pilot but also that packets are dropped from the fuselage as soon as I arrive”. Panic quickly sets in for the pilot of the single-seater who immediately begins to drop bundles of drugs thrown from the plane. Then follows the famous high-profile chase but which ultimately will only be of short duration since immediately after having dropped his packages, the criminal will try to land urgently on the Lanas aerodrome.

At the same time, the gendarmerie is called in for reinforcement and a helicopter will be deployed to find these bundles of drugs, the GIGN will also be deployed to arrest the suspect. The latter of Polish origin is also not unknown to the French judicial services for links in drug trafficking.

In total, no less than 400 kg of drugs will be seized as well as €45,000 in cash within the device as well as in the bag carried by the thug.

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