A petition to ask SAS to stop transporting dogs to laboratories

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Between April 2021 and May 2023, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and other companies transported more than 5,300 dogs from US suppliers to european laboratoriessome of which are implanted In France.

According to animal rights NGO PETA, SAS is one of a shrinking group of airlines that still profit from transporting dogs to research labs where they undergo “cruel experiences“. “Once at their destination, these dogs are likely forced to ingest test mixtures and inhale toxic substances, and test chemicals may be applied to their shaved skin.“, explains the NGO.

Many other major airlines refuse to transport animals for use in laboratories, including FedEx, UPS, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines and EVA Air, which ban all transport of animals for experiments. Emirates, Singapore Airlines and China Airlines refuse to send primates to laboratories, and Lufthansa has banned the shipment of cats, dogs and primates to laboratories. British Airways, Aer Lingus, Cargolux and Qantas also prohibit all transport of animals to laboratories, and all major airlines worldwide have adopted a policy prohibiting the transport of primates intended for experimentation. Air France also stopped this year the transport of primates intended for laboratories.

PETA puts a petition online to ask the Scandinavian airline to stop sending dogs to their deaths in European laboratories, while posting an incriminating video on Youtube:

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