A new place to meet at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris

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The Café de l’Homme officially opens its doors and invites aesthetes, gourmets and fine cosmopolitan connoisseurs to discover its new identity. Located in the heart of the Palais de Chaillot, within the Musée de l’Homme attached to the National Museum of Natural History, and facing the Eiffel Tower, Café de l’Homme welcomes its guests in a setting that combines culture, heritage, elegance and timeless refinement.

Art-Deco style

Redesigned by the tandem of interior designers Gilles & Boissier, Café de l’Homme takes up the codes of the Art Deco style typical of the 1930s in a new decor where plants take their place.

This new architectural design signature focuses on harmony between past and present, creating a warm and chic atmosphere that is combined in the plural thanks to multicultural touches, such as its tribal-inspired carpet, the graphic codes of the Palais de Chaillot and the presence of plants (this is the latest work created by the world champion of floral decoration, Gilles Pothier).

French know-how

The policy of the owners Coco Coupérie Eiffel, Christophe Bonnat and Jean Moueix, is to integrate Nature and Man at the heart of the experience.

This trio of enthusiasts of excellent products, producers and craftsmen with exceptional backgrounds, share the same love of French know-how and hospitality in all its forms. Their earthly values ​​pay homage to the territories and products to perpetuate local know-how and ensure that each element, each gesture, each moment is highlighted. Aware of being the last link in a long chain of talented producers, they wish to support the locavore and promote the trades of transmission to honor the product, according to the cycle of nature and seasonality. To offer dishes that speak of their terroir and their region, they draw inspiration for their “boutique” plate from their roots and spices from the 5 continents.

Integrated in a site classified as a historic monument

“Like the hand of the artist who sculpts the material, we wanted to pay homage to Man and Nature within this site classified as a historic monument with a view of the Grande Dame, by creating a place to enjoy the pleasure of Good, marveling at Beauty, discovering a unique universe and sharing a concept of generous and spontaneous hospitality that resembles us.” explain Coco Coupérie Eiffel, Christophe Bonnat and Jean Moueix, owners of Café de l’Homme.

A dynamic team of invested and passionate talents, from hospitality

Their will, to surround themselves with know-how and committed people who allow them to invent, create, share unique moments of conviviality. This is their vision of relaxed hospitality of excellence, offered in an exceptional setting, where 90 seats indoors and 170 on the terrace promise unforgettable moments of contemplation and gustatory emotions.

The menu, with an assumed character, is authentic, generous and steeped in the history of our regions and terroirs. The kitchen uses the codes of gourmet restaurants, all products are received raw and processed on site, each preparation is homemade. “Source the producers, carefully choose each ingredient, sublimate it by working it in a respectful and generous way, always enhanced with an original touch that exalts its character”, such is the philosophy of Executive Chef Fadi Frem. Already in the kitchen in the past, he is familiar with the philosophy and passion that drives the House, and shares the desire to work with good products, to source them, and to give each plate its own identity.

The grand opening from April 25

From March 29, Café de l’Homme will welcome the public for pre-opening for dinner. The Grand Opening is scheduled for April 25, 7 days a week, from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m., it will invite its guests to experience four highlights there according to their desires. From lunch (12 p.m. to 2.15 p.m.), to the afternoon gourmet break & “before dinner” (until 6.30 p.m.), to dinner (6.45 p.m. ‘Homme offers a culinary and sensory journey that evolves over time.

Each graphic element or material has been worked in harmony with the Art Deco style of the restaurant in order to create rhythm and visual coherence.

To create a scenography conducive to the sensory experience, partners of excellence who embody the French art of living have been carefully chosen to enhance the decor.

The pinaceas, the moucharabiehs and the plant elements are signed Maison Gilles Pothier. At the entrance, the solid oak table d’hôte was made by the cabinetmaker Thomas Berard, who perpetuates the tradition established for 3 generations in Pessac. It sits in front of the 3 majestic wine cellars made to measure by Maison Cofravin. On the table, graphics, elegance and texture work are chosen down to the smallest detail to showcase the product. The Limoges Bernardaud porcelain and the lithophanies were custom-made for Café de l’Homme. The honor of the table is punctuated by a linen napkin embroidered with the effigy of the brand, made by Atelier du Louvre. On the floor, carpets with alternating patterns give rhythm to the decor. Made by Codimat, tailor-made carpet craftsman renowned among major brands.

Café de l’Homme aims to be an incubator of fine living and excellence beyond catering

“Our ambition is to embody Beau-vivre, to sublimate the setting, the gesture, the products and the moment, through constantly renewed sensory experiences, where everyone creates an experience according to their desires, to (re )discover Paris in this elegant and timeless place. We want to make Café de l’Homme a catalyst of excellence, warm and surprising, which re-enchants the guest by making him experience unforgettable emotions” continue its creators. Aesthetes and visionaries, they want the place to be an artistic and heterogeneous catalyst that combines excellent hospitality with the arts in order to offer guests the opportunity to rewrite a new story with each visit.

The sound signature is an integral part of this setting with an incomparable atmosphere.

Every evening, from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., voices and instruments adorn the premises to give way to a lounge atmosphere between 10 p.m. and midnight, then a DJ set until 2 a.m. Goom radio signs the evenings of Wednesday and Friday by wrapping the Café de l’Homme brand in a unique musical identity which is also available in playlists outside the walls (available on the main streaming platforms). Incubator of talents, the objective of Café de l’Homme is also to support artists by creating a springboard for their career, an artistic accelerator.

Café de l’Homme immerses you in an experience of the Good and the Beautiful to the point of making it an art of living. This “Beau-vivre” DNA is the basis of the new brand identity. It invites guests to share a parenthesis of life in contact with History in the same place, and create one in a memory for two or more, that is Beau-vivre.

Booking contacts:17 place du Trocadero and 11 November, 75116 Paris • www.cafedelhomme.com

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