A mixed summer for travel operators

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According to a survey carried out by ADN Tourisme and the Ministry of Tourism, more French people than last year (+3%) have gone on vacation this summer (weekends and stays). These vacationers represent 68% of the population. Travel operators (physical and online travel agencies, tour operators) slightly temper this optimism.

Stability in the number of vacationers

The number of French people who used their services for vacations in July – August is stable compared to 2022 and down significantly compared to 2019: -8%

A sharp increase in the budget devoted to vacations

If French people have been forced to reduce the budget and duration of their vacations, or even transform them into a long weekend, those who can afford to go abroad spent a budget (average basket) on their vacation, up +7% compared to last summer and +33% compared to summer 2019.

This development is partly the result of rising prices (plane tickets, hotels, accommodation, etc.) but also of the fact that French people who have the means to go abroad do not hesitate to “move upmarket”.

Where are they going?

Spain, Greece, mainland France and Tunisia were favored, like last year.

In the top ten we find the Morocco and theEgypt which were not traditionally summer destinations. L‘MAURITIUS takes the place of the Dominican Republic.

Promising September

Reservations for the month of September are up significantly: + 17% compared to last year and + 10% compared to 2019. The average budget devoted to vacationers in September is up 10% compared to last September and 23% compared to September 2019

The vacation destinations are the same as this summer, however Canada which climbs to 8th place.

A better spread of summer vacations

We are witnessing a reduction in mid-summer vacations (July-August) in favor of September and June. It is possible that the combined effects of the heatwave and the drop in purchasing power are at the origin of this shift.

While a few years ago, August was the peak month for vacations, the distribution becomes more balanced between July, August and September. We are therefore moving towards longer summer seasons.

Data from the Les Entreprises du Voyage – Orchestra Observatory.

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